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Go on, go on!


I purchased this at the beginning of the summer, knowing that I'd be able to read it within a 24-hour period.  So I decided to wait until I was experiencing a lag in reviews.

I love these covers!  They are a great example of how interesting and attractive a book cover of any genre can be.  In the background is Prescott Academy, the private school Delia and her Gossip Girl classmates attend.  The astrological signs among the flowers tie into a prominent theme of the books.

Delia's struggling at school, and she's got her reasons: her mother is on the run from angry oil companies, Delia has been uprooted from her carefree California and moved to Manhattan to live with her aunt Charley, and her sort-of boyfriend Quinn - the most popular senior at Prescott - is in trouble for an illegal online gambling ring.  The private detective Delia hired to find her mother T.K. got the job done; now they just have to figure out how to get T.K. out of danger.  Charley, Aunt Patience, and her nerdy friend Natalie tell Delia that she needs to concentrate on her studies, but Delia is tired of waiting around.  What's worse is that she thinks that Quinn's father is involved with the oil companies and out to get T.K.  Luckily, there are plenty of people on Delia's side - including Natalie, who's ready to hack a security firm's website, and a pushy psychic who is never wrong about her predictions.  A last-minute trip to Buenos Aires could solve or ruin everything, and Delia finds both allies and adversaries in the strangest places.

Sturman had a lot to live up to with this installment, and happily it's just as entertaining and page-turning as the previous.  Delia is a funny and engaging narrator who takes the oddities around her in her stride.  When it comes time to act, she proves to be a worthy heroine - and it doesn't hurt that Quinn turns out to have the same priority.  Their relationship is sweet, even when they believe that their parents are enemies.  It's easy to see how they bring one another comfort.  As for the other characters, Charley remains the stand-out as an extroverted, spirited, and fun guardian; Natalie, an exacting and sensible best friend, is another gem.  We also see more of Gwenyth (Delia's tall, blond cousin) and her secret passion for animal documentaries.  As a mystery, And Then I Found is fun and intricate at the same time: it presents plenty of twists and turns, and even though Carolina the psychic offers plenty of hints, the book still manages to keep its suspense.  And there are definitely a few surprises to be had.  Really, my only complaint is that the end comes too quickly.

All in all, a great way to spend an afternoon or two.  I'm glad that it seems like Sturman decided to wrap this story up within a couple of books, instead of trying to turn it into a series.  I could read about Delia and her friends forever, but Sturman picked a good place to stop.  Rating: 4.5 fedoras out of 5.